Our bags are designed to define your style statement.


Sustainability is something that we have incorporated in all our bags.


We make our bags reusable keeping in mind our environmental responsibility.


Our bags are completely biodegradable and we ensure that they are harmless to our nature.

About Us

Ever since our inception in 1997, we have been into creation and designing of products and we took good care of the concepts which were meant to be innovative always, the colours which were meant to be inspiring and ranges that brought with them new thoughts driven into realistic products.

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Why Choose R.D. Bag House?

Customizable Bags

All our bags are designed to suit your specific needs.

Timely Delivery

You could expect your bags to reach you on time or even before the scheduled delivery.

Value for Money

We could assure you that our well crafted quality products are well worth your purchase.


The materials from which our bags are made have no negative effect over our nature.

Customize Your Bag

We are here to design your bag the way you want it to be. Starting from the very scratch, that is selection of material to the final touch of designing, we have got you covered. We ensure that you open a box of happiness with our product getting delivered to you.

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We Manufacture A Wide Range of Eco-Friendly Home Accessories and Lifestyle Products

The range is broad and diverse and our products are made keeping in mind the environmental factors to ensure no unwanted impact is caused over nature by their usage. Home accessories and lifestyle products that are built ensure that they fulfil the purpose for which they have been given their realistic form.

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Accreditions & Certifications

Our Company Is ISO 9001:2015 certified.
  • Location:
  • 104F, Nilganj Road,
  • Agarpara, Kolkata 700109